How to Get Exposed Aggregate Installed by Professional Ballarat Concreters


Whether you’re building a pool or patio, or just need to repair an existing pool or patio, consider a surface that’s durable and non-slip. An exposed aggregate concrete surface can be the answer. The surface is easy to maintain and will look great for years.

Cost of exposed aggregate concrete

Whether you are planning to remodel your home or create a new outdoor space, exposed aggregate concrete is a great option for your project. It provides a durable finish and beautiful aesthetics. However, it can cost more than standard concrete. You will need to budget for the material costs and the labour required to install it.

There are a few different types of exposed aggregate concrete. The most common is standard, which is available in a variety of strengths, from 10 to 50 MPa. There is also premium exposed aggregate concrete, which is a little more expensive.

If you want to install exposed aggregate on your property, you will need to consult a concrete professional to get an accurate cost estimate. You will also need to know the type of concrete you want to use, as well as the size of the project.

The cost of exposed aggregate concrete can range between $100 and $150 per square metre, plus the cost of labour. This amount will vary depending on the size of the project, as well as the strength of the concrete.


Choosing the right type of concrete for your project can make a huge difference to the quality and longevity of your surface. Exposed aggregate is a great choice for driveways, patios, and pool decks because it can endure the elements.

When looking for a concrete contractor, choose one that is experienced and reputable. This will ensure that your exposed aggregate concrete looks great and is installed properly.

Exposed aggregate is a popular concrete finish in Australia. It is durable, weather resistant, and slip resistant. It is commonly used around walkways, pools, and al fresco areas.

It is less expensive than other decorative concrete options. However, it still requires a little maintenance. It should be resealed every couple of years. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and durable solution to your next project, exposed aggregate concrete is the way to go.

It is also easy to maintain. You can remove the top layer of cement paste with a broom and water. You can also seal the concrete with a sealer that will keep it looking new.

Non-slip surface

Adding exposed aggregate to a driveway or patio is a great way to add style to your home. It is also easy to maintain and will last for many years.

The best way to ensure you get the best exposed aggregate finish is to hire a professional concreting company. A reputable concreter can help you choose the right grade of concrete, as well as provide regular maintenance and repair.

You can choose from various colours and textures. Whether you want a bright, rich hue, or a soft pastel, exposed aggregate is an excellent choice. Exposed concrete is also a great way to accentuate a unique design.

Exposed aggregate is also ideal for a patio, walkway, or pool deck. It creates a beautiful, slip-resistant surface. Exposed aggregate is durable, making it a great choice for areas that get a lot of traffic. Exposed aggregate is also great for landscaping.

The surface of exposed aggregate is textured, giving it a natural look. It is also a good choice for areas that get a lot of wear and tear. It is also highly resistant to harsh weather conditions.


Whether you have a residential property, commercial property or public space, exposed aggregate is one of the most attractive concreting options. It’s easy to install and maintain, and offers a great look that blends well with your surroundings. If you’re looking for a decorative concrete surface for your home or business, you can easily find a concreter in Ballarat Concreters, Vic to install it for you.

Expose Aggregate is a cement finish that resembles polished marble. It’s perfect for outdoor surfaces that are exposed to a lot of wear and tear, such as walkways, pool decks, and pathways.

The cost of exposed aggregate concrete is dependent on the type of surface you have, the size of the area you want covered, and the complexity of the installation process. The price can be anywhere from $100 to $150 per square metre, depending on the type of exposed aggregate concrete and the materials used.

If you need help determining the cost of exposed aggregate concrete, you can speak to a concreter. They’ll be able to give you an accurate price estimate. They should also be able to address your concerns and provide any references that you may need.