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Skate parks – Some skate parks are open to RC jumpers to use in off times or when they are closed to skaters. We suggest that you avoid using them when there are skaters present to avoid causing injury or damage to your RC or injure a skater. Two ramps placed together with the small end can make a skateboard type ramp where you can run back and forth. When all you want is a quick and easy ramp, you can use a smaller piece of plywood or scrap wood. Viola, you have a ramp that is adjustable as a mountain or jumping ramp or can be laid out flat to use as a loader.

How To: The Basics of Radio Control

Therefore, a monster truck on a scale of 1\10 will be bigger in size than a 1\10 RC drift car. A good suspension system is crucial for a 4×4 RC truck to handle rough terrain and maintain stability. Look for RC trucks with adjustable shocks for fine-tuning and independent suspension systems that give better wheel articulation and can provide better control with better traction. This articulation can keep your tires in contact with the ground over uneven surfaces. Scale sizes in the context of 4×4 RC trucks refer to the proportional size of the RC vehicle in relation to its real-life counterpart. Different scales offer varying levels of detail and performance in RC trucks.

Vanquish Products VS4-10 Phoenix Straight Axle Rock Crawler Kit

However, not storing them properly can significantly reduce their ability to deliver the advertised performance. However, keeping your RC truck elevated is beneficial for both the suspension and the tires. Every time you drive your RC truck in the rain, snow, or even fog, it should be properly cleaned and dried before storage. Some garages are not heated, in which case temperature-sensitive equipment like the batteries, transmitters, and chargers should not be kept there.

You would be surprised that these monster trucks can reach a top speed of over 30 mph. Let us look at the models of the Raminator RC truck and how fast they can go. The “meat and potatoes” of r/c TTC, this is a timed event where trucks strut their stuff on a crawling course. While rocks are obviously predominant, you will also see all kinds of obstacles on track to test the vehicles. To give an example, back when we were running these several times a year we had an obstacle affectionately called “The Meat Grinder” . It was a pallet sawed in half and placed on it’s side to make a steep “V” formation. Each board on the pallet could move and it was common for drivers to get stuck.

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