The Rise of E-commerce: How Online Shopping Is Transforming Retail


These are just a few examples of how VR technology is changing online shopping. The explosion of online content, streaming services, and social media have led to an ‘always-on’ lifestyle in which people are always connected. Simultaneously, eCommerce and online shopping is expanding so rapidly that, according to research, we anticipate 300 million online shoppers will be present in 2023. This holiday season, retailers are preparing for what is expected to be another record-breaking year in online shopping. By embracing new technologies and digital solutions, retailers are not only catering to the changing preferences of consumers but also enhancing the online shopping experience.

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With the right tricks up your sleeve, finding high-quality products online isn’t as hard as it might seem. By saving for your purchases, shopping in the right places, and doing your research, you can find deals that make high-quality purchases affordable, and you’ll be able to enjoy your items for years to come. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to identify the most common online shopping scams and then walk through fifteen easy steps you can take to ensure you don’t get scammed while shopping online. You’d go down to the store or go down to the mall to buy things in person, but as technology changes, so do our habits, as exhibited by the ability to simply whip out your credit card to make a purchase. A lot of people still like to go to stores, but it’s dwindling as time goes on.

What are popular e-commerce platforms?

Online reviews signify one of the biggest impacts that the internet has had on shopping behaviors. Consumers have multiple platforms where they can post reviews of products and services, including corporate websites, review sections of e-commerce sites, social media pages, and their own blogs. Other consumers value these reviews because they represent regular peoples’ honest feelings and experiences, instead of being the result of a paid endorsement.

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Consider 360-degree photos for higher value items such as furniture, equipment or certain types of garments. According to a recent study from Internet Retailer Magazine, implementing 360-degree product photography on ecommerce sites increased conversion rates by about 13%. Listing your products and crafting product pages is critical in creating an effective and successful online store.


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Our team are experts both in storytelling and social media, so we create content that’s user-friendly and strategic. Pinterest isn’t the only social platform that’s working towards finding its place in eCommerce as Instagram is also making strides by offering new shopping options for its users. Because it’s so easy to shop online, it makes it much harder to limit yourself, said Anna Barker, personal finance expert and founder of LogicalDollar. She believes the key to cutting back is to take steps to make it slightly more difficult to make an online purchase. Roughly 60 percent of the world’s population keeps social media accounts, according to DataReportal’s latest social media use report.

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