What Is Commercial Real Estate?


Commercial real estate is any property that can generate income through rental or

leasing, which differs from residential property (condos, duplexes and single-family

homes) that is used for personal residences. Office buildings, retail stores,

warehouses and even industrial plants are considered commercial property and can

be leased to businesses that need them. Apartments that have more than five units,

hotel properties and some types of senior living apartments are also considered

commercial property.

While commercial real estate is a popular investment alternative to residential

property, it is not without its drawbacks. For one, the upfront capital needed to

purchase commercial property is often significantly higher than that for a residential

property, and the returns may be lower as well. In addition, commercial property can

be more vulnerable to economic downturns.

Investing in commercial real estate may be an option for you if you have substantial

assets and the time to manage a property. You can either buy property directly and

lease it out or work with a company that specializes in commercial real estate to

manage the property for you. Another option is to invest in a commercial real estate

investment trust, or REIT. REITs are companies that own and manage multiple

commercial properties, and they offer shares to investors that can be traded on the

public market.

When considering whether or not commercial real estate is right for you, it is

important to consider your risk tolerance, time horizon and property preferences.

You should also consider your own financial situation, including current debt and

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Commercial real estate is a broad category of investment properties that can be

leased to business tenants with the goal of earning an investment return through

rental income and price appreciation. There are eight main categories of commercial

real estate: multifamily, office, retail, industrial, mixed-use, special purpose and

vacant land.

Retail properties include strip centers and larger shopping malls that are leased to

retailers like clothing stores, coffee shops and fast-service restaurants. Office

buildings can be occupied by companies and organizations that need space for their

own offices or leased to professional service providers who rent the space for

meeting rooms, conference facilities and workspaces. Industrial spaces can be used

for manufacturing, storage and distribution. Mixed-use properties have a mix of

uses, and special purpose properties are anything that doesn’t fit into the other


Hospitality real estate includes hotels and resorts, while medical office space is

spaces that are used for outpatient health care services. Cold storage facilities are

refrigerated warehouses that store perishables and other products. Affordable

housing and senior living are examples of special-purpose real estate. Vacant land is

any type of land that has not yet been developed for commercial or residential

purposes. You can invest in commercial real estate through direct ownership, REITs

and crowdfunding. Direct investment is the most traditional form of investing in CRE,

and it’s typically best for people who have significant assets and are comfortable

managing their own commercial property. Crowdfunding can be a great way to get

into the commercial property market, but you should research the platform and

potential investments carefully before making a commitment.